Catie Diaz

CEO, Social Media, Vendor Relations

A Fashion Design major from Fashion Careers College in San Diego, a California native, Army Wife and mom to a vibrant little girl named Riley - life is never boring! After being a part of her school's end of the year fashion show, Catie fell in love with show production. She attended many trade shows as a guest as well as a vendor, learning tricks of the trade over a period of time. Now working on collaborations for seasonal craft shows with small businesses, an annual large market and small outdoor style markets are in the works. 


The Traveling Happy Market?

Meet Catie, an entrepreneur who started out as a small clothing business selling her goods at trade shows. She saw the lack of support and encouragement for moms with great talents and decided to launch a business that focused on just that! Now multiple successful shows in, the drive to continue to celebrate and help these other women, moms (and sometimes dads too) is what keeps her so passionate about what she does.