Q: How do I apply?

Please visit the "Vendors" section to see our application with upcoming shows, then fill out to apply!

Q: What are the booth sizes and prices?

The booth sizes and prices depend on the show you choose to apply to. Our typical show booth sizes are 10x10 booth spaces for $175, 5x8 for $100 and 5x5 shared booths/kids booth for $50.

Q: What's provided with my booth?

Unless noted in the application that tables and chairs are available to rent, you will need to bring your own tables and chairs. It is recommended that you build a backdrop for you booth since our venues do not allow anything to be attached to the walls. This will also make your booth draw more attention! Wifi will be provided at most locations, but there are cases where the wifi gets overloaded by the amount of vendors using it, or it might not be available at all. We recommend using your cellular device as a hot spot if you need to use wifi in these cases.

Q: Is there a deadline for applications?

Payments must be received within 24 hours after invoiced before your spot is forfeited to the next applicant.

Q: How will the event be marketed?

We will have flyers up at local businesses, passing flyers out at other local events, have ads up on festival and event websites and social media. It is required for each vendor to also do their own marketing for the show for which they applied to ensure more exposure - we offer social media graphics to be shared so this can be easily done. The more people everyone tells, the more people that will show up! 

Q: What if something comes up and I can't make the show?

While we try to accommodate our vendors in every way possible, we do not issue any refunds or credits under any circumstances. After we receive our vendor payments we immediately pay off the venue and start marketing, if you can have someone else tend to your booth in your absence we will gladly work with them so that you can still be a "part" of the show!   

As a separate note, in the case that you have to cancel or simply cannot attend please email thetravelinghappymarket@gmail.com as soon as possible. Day-of cancellations and no shows without any communication can affect future acceptances. 

We highly suggest you check out Event Helper (eventhelper.com) and consider business insurance and event insurance as they help cover your costs in case of emergency.